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The Team

Dominique BON

• Dominique is a BPJEPS graduate with a driving and galloping option 8, to learn in complete safety, with well-trained horses,

the leisure or competition hitch 

• Dominique was trained in ethology in the largest center in France: La Cense. Under the control of Mr. Andy


Booth and finalized his knowledge thanks to  Mr. Manuel Godin and Mrs. Nadège Micklas (recognized ethologist)  ;  


federal diploma BFEE2 (federal certificate of ethological riding), knowledge 5 (FFE) and degree 7 (diploma la cense). Ethology:


to have a complicity and a finesse of work with his horse.

• Dominique has undergone training (over three years) to be able to adapt her courses according to the various disabilities and their



Thierry Good

Director of the equestrian center and farmer, he manages the needs of the horses, the facilities, and cultivates the
grain and fodder for horses.

Jason Derache

Apprentice in BPJEPS (teacher) 


Apprentices and trainees 

We strongly believe in work-study training and the transfer of knowledge, we have two apprentices: 1 CAPA apprentice equine caretaker  and 1 Apprentice BPJEPS (teacher) their training can last one year or two years depending on their previous studies.

We also take trainees from different schools and different levels to introduce them to the
equestrian world and agriculture (discovery of the professional world 3rd and 4th  , professional baccalaureate CGEA and CGEH ,
professional reintegration, adapted work  ). 

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