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The disciplines practiced 

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show jumping

Third at the French Cadet Championships.  

Junior departmental and regional champion. 

Show jumping consists of linking a course of obstacles without fail. The trials are intended to demonstrate the pony/horse's honesty, power, skill, speed and respect for the obstacle and, in the competitor, the quality of his riding.

It is a discipline that is becoming more and more technical. The training of the rider is important but also that of the horse, we have "old roudoudoux" who know how to do and who will take you on the bars in complete safety but also young horses from our breeding who have been trained but who will give you other feelings 

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Dressage consists of making horses evolve in order to show the elegance of their movements and their ease of use. In competitions, the evolutions are made on occasions composed of classic movements and imposed or free figures, the horse evolving in the different gaits.

Dressage aims to develop the qualities of a pony or a horse by means of a harmonious education. This allows  to make him calm, flexible but also confident, attentive and brilliant, demonstrating the greatest possible complicity with his rider.

Dressage is also a basis for all equestrian disciplines aimed at developing the rider-horse relationship and  improve the horse's qualities such as locomotion, flexibility and balance.

It is also an ideal support, as a school for the rider's assistants, to enable him to make himself understood as well as possible by any trained horse or pony.

The training of the rider is extended by the initiation to the methods of dressage so that the rider can gradually work and progress  his horse or pony himself.

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The complete competition 

 The eventing horse riding competition consists of performing 3 tests:

  • Dressage validates the correct use of the competitor's aids and the quality of the ponies'/horses' dressage.

  • The cross makes it possible to check the frankness of the torque and the control of an imposed speed in outdoor riding.

  • Show jumping reveals the ability to follow a course, the right attitude and the right technical gestures.

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The Equifun is an animation test included in a playful pedagogy project. It is a question of carrying out a course composed of a succession of devices to be carried out against the clock. These devices alternate maneuverability, jumping and skill and include crossing options of varying difficulty. This discipline allows access to competition more quickly and concerns all levels and all ages 



This consists of hitching a car behind one or more horses. This discipline makes it accessible to all people, all ages and all physical conditions, contact and complicity with the horse, to experience sensations and to maintain a relationship of trust with the horse(s). we can do dressage maneuverability or marathon or simply ride, it's up to you.

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Work on foot 

Work on Foot comes in the form of work on the lunge and work on the long reins.

This is a mode of practice allowing future riders to discover equestrian activities while remaining on the ground, or to approach contact with the horse in a different way for initiated riders.

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Playful tests on foot where the rider chooses contract difficulty levels to highlight his bond with his pony / horse. The purpose of Equifeel is to give the rider more understanding of the pony or horse, reflection and feeling in his interactions with him. to develop trust, connection through mutual understanding. 

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Driving endurance events, open to all equidae, are imposed speed events on varied terrain. They aim to evaluate one or more ponies/horses, the driver and his/or his teammates in various applications of endurance driving techniques, in the best conditions of safety and pleasure. They apply in relation with the technical provisions of the  endurance.



Equestrian endurance practiced individually or in a team is characterized by outdoor events run at imposed or free speed on a marked route with veterinary examinations validating the ability of the pony / horse to travel long distances.

It is to allow the couple horse rider to make a race while traversing long rides in the countryside 

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