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At the Parpaillots stables we make sure that our residents are as good as possible, which is why the stables are curés 1  times a week and we repaillon them every day.

They receive two cereal rations per day (barley/oats/spelt) and two hay rations per day. The traditional food is produced by us even in reasoned agriculture,  so we can control the quality of the products  given to horses. The center is located on 13 hectares of pasture divided into enclosures to allow the horses to live in groups and have a social life.

We offer you:

• 17 pony spaces 

• 28 horse spaces 

• 13 ha of pasture 

The rates 

Boarding in stables year-round: €295/month

Pension in pasture from May to November: 195 € / month 

Home horses 


Horse pasture: 10 € / day for common pasture  

Boxing + paddock: 25 € / day 


Horse pasture: 65€  

Boxing + paddock: 105€


Horse pasture: 230€

Boxing + paddock: 350€ 

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