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Why practice horseback riding? 

The pony, the horse, is the living, the hot, the cold, the cycle of the seasons, at the antipodes of the all digital that is essential today.  The horse riding  makes children attentive to animals, nature and other people. Playful, educational, natural, horse riding is the third most practiced sport in France.

Good for health

Horseback riding is a gentle and symmetrical sport that maintains form, gives breath and energy.

With each step, the movement of the pelvis mobilizes the muscles of the back and the abdominal belt. The rider looks away and stands straight. It's good for his back. He is balanced in motion. It's good for his coordination and for his muscles.

mediator horse 

The equestrian center is a place of life. It brings together around the same passion families from all walks of life and from all walks of life. All ages meet there, children, teenagers and adults.

The horse allows everyone to take their responsibilities and discover their sensitivity. Horse riding is a major asset for people with disabilities as well as for those who are in difficulty with social relations. Everyone finds in mediation with the horse a very beneficial help.

The educational project of the FFE

• Promote a life in society with respect for others, animal life and the natural environment.

•Provide a taste for the acquisition and transmission of knowledge.

•Promote the benefits of physical and sports activities.

•Develop a taste for effort and the satisfaction it gives.

•Value commitment and sense of responsibility. 

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